Who We Are

A Marketing Firm With A Purpose


TDC Marketing was born out of a need for independent financial services firms to have access to great marketing, with a team who truly understands their business.

We’ve heard it time and time again. High-end financial services firms who have had a bad experience with traditional marketing agencies. TDC Marketing seeks to close the marketing gap by focusing exclusively on the marketing needs of wealth management, insurance, and accounting firms looking for a better answer.


The marketing frustrations of advisers typically stem from one or more of the following issues when working with traditional marketing agencies:

01 Marketing Is Too
Time Consuming

Customized branding solutions require a significant time commitment. Often, project timelines are disrupted when working through account managers and not directly with creative talent.

02 Marketing Is Too

Hiring a marketing agency includes the agency price tag. Not only are creative services expensive, but disruptions to mutually agreed upon timelines will result in an ever-increasing price tag.

03 They Don’t Understand
Our Business

The biggest disconnect stems from a common misunderstanding of the high-end wealth, insurance, and accounting spaces. Your business is unique. Your clientele is unique. Your brand should also be unique.


We share a never-ending commitment to provide the advice, resources, and experience needed to build beautiful brands.

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Our team stands ready to help your brand stand out.